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aulas de pole dance portugal


La Bunda Pole Studio is a space that incorporates different aspects of pole dancing: classes more focused on the acrobatic, others on the sensual, others on a more somatic search for movement and expression. It was born in 2022 with the two Brazilian founding partners Lala Teles and Olivia Orthof. The name that mixes languages is a reference to the cultural exchange in the face of immigration: the strangeness of the other and of us, the mockery, the adaptation, the transformation on all sides. "Bunda" means butt in brazilian portuguese, and is often more visible due to the technical need for bare skin to adhere to the pole in the execution of many acrobatic tricks, but, mainly, it is an inclusive symbol: it does not carry gender identity, and everyone has one. That's what we intend to develop during classes: creation, research, learning available to everyone - men, women, non-binary, fat, skinny, strong, weak, professional or gangly. Here we value a safe and intercultural space for creating movement with a vertical bar. That's why we make a manifesto: everyone has a butt, desire to learn pole dance too!



Labunda Pole Studio

Rua Gonçalo Cristóvão 236, sala 2.3


Obrigado pelo envio!

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