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Meet our team!

Olivia Orthof Pole Dance

Teacher and Co-founder

Olivia Orthof

Dancer, researcher and teacher. Graduated in Dance from the IFB (Brazil), awarded a scholarship at New York University (United States), Master in Performing Arts from UNB (Brazil), and finalist in the biannual circus course at INAC (Portugal). He was already working professionally with tap and contemporary dance when he started pole dancing. Among the main shows are: MANIFESTO DO GLITTER, an authorial solo by a Chinese mast performed at Casa das Artes in Famalicão (Portugal); CABARET VAUDEVILLE with the solo "Eu e os Homens de Verdade" that mixes tap dancing and sensual/acrobatic dances directed by Marcelo Lujan (Argentina) that was contemplated in 4 international festivals. She's been teaching pole dancing for 10 years and knows there's always more to learn - that's the beauty of being on the move!


Teacher and Co-founder

Lala Teles

He began his career in the performing arts in the circus and even today his main axis of research is dance in interaction with devices - mainly pole dancing and 20cm heels. She was champion in the flow category by Exotic Generation Brasil (2019) and danced in two shows on Snoop Dogg's I wanna thank me tour (Amsterdam, Berlin 2023). Teacher of the sport for ten years, she never misses the opportunity to be a student and continue studying and specializing. He is currently doing a Yoga teacher training (certified by  DGERT and Yoga Alliance). She is co-founder of Labunda Pole Studio and works to make this space increasingly welcoming to people who want to stay in touch and continue researching the different ways to interact with the pole.

Barbara Bueno Pole Dance


Barbara Bueno

She has been practicing pole dancing since 2014. She has always had a great desire to teach and transmit his passion for pole dancing to other people. Over time, what was just a hobby became her life and his source of income. abandoned the legal area and the dress code to start teaching in 2018. Had the opportunity to make lifelong friendships, learn a lot from amazing people and be part of this community, growing as a teacher and dancer.



Valeriia Melnik

Physical education student and pole dancer since 2016. Has always been passionate about teaching, contact with students, and seeing them evolve on pole is one of her greatest source of personal satisfaction. In 2018 she started teaching and 2021 opened her own studio in Brazil. She has always valued the technique and intimacy of each student with the apparel - the individuality of expression and the variety that is pole dancing. Her goal is to make this activity pleasurable and liberating as possible.

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