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Pole Dance is not for empowering! - "desbunde-se!" (s.m.) (portuguese meaning in the michaelis dictionary)

  1. Act or effect to be fascinated by somebody or something.

  2. Person that provokes dazzle.

  3. State of mind of confused or surprised.

  4. Lost of self-control [...]

  5. Adoption of debauched lifestyle or that affront the conventional patterns of our society.

Dance is rebel by its nature!

It is unwise to follow always the same rules. To escape the pattern will disturb many, as it will dazzle others at the same time. You must have courage to be true to your ideals. We can follow a life pattern trying to please others, or do whatever makes us happy, despite de prejudices around us.

Movement doesn't have gender!

Here in La Bunda Pole Studio we defend a democratic free dance. We are committed to:

  • Break the stereotypes of what is expected of "feminine or masculine movements"

  • Make sensual art visible as a deep and meticulous work just like artistic and acrobatic pole.

  • Decolonize pole dance by cultivating a welcoming space for different types of people, bodies and cultures.

Dance to disempower!

Here we have a big polemic, we know…

There are many people that search for pole dance to feel the so called "feminine empowering'. But, we are sorry to inform everyone that we are not seeking to empower nobody. On the contrary, we want to free the people that are oppressed by those in power. We prefer to disempower - de-hierarchizing movement patterns and the conservatism that imprison people from seeking there own happiness.

We should loose ourselves more… Find new paths… Give up from our own truths to have space for new ideas.

Dance because it makes me feel good, don't need any other reason!

Move yourself

Because it is

The wisest and fulfilling thing

That your body

Is able to do

And develop.


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